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Half Christmas Tree

In modern small houses space-saving is crucial as a result compact products are much in demand. The same is true of Christmas trees, I think it’s a brilliant idea that someone invented the half Christmas tree. The advantage of the half Christmas tree is that it is bushy and full from the front but it only takes up half the space as it is placed flat against the wall.

There is always time to look at new ideas for living with less and getting by in smaller spaces. The new half-a-Christmas Tree are being introduced to help create that same warm festive look, using half the space and decorated in half the time. The half Christmas tree is an illusion , it has been sliced down the middle, so it has no back, allowing owners to push the Christmas tree against their sitting room walls, saving valuable space.

For some of us, Christmas is not Christmas without a Christmas tree. Space is limited and the room is small the answer is the Half Christmas Tree , The tree that is split down the middle and hung on the wall. Don’t be fooled into thinking these are small trees the half Christmas tree can be up to 7 foot tall.

You don’t have to give up the idea of having a Christmas tree because of limited floor space. This half Xmas tree can be placed against the wall this means you don’t have to shift the furniture around either to much. Of course it doesn’t have to be your main tree it might be you have a wall crying out for decoration and the half Christmas tree will fill the spot and draw attention to itself beautifully

The half Christmas tree with the secret flatback which fits snugly against the wall on one side while displaying a full lush Christmas tree on the other side . This clever and beautiful half tree will easily become one of your most outstanding Christmas decorations this season and for many years to come.

What Type of Christmas Tree Are YOU??

I saw this article on AOL Shopping and it’s title immediately captured me…. “What Your Christmas Tree Says About You.” So of course, being the curious body I am, I had to click on it and see what my tree says about me! Check it out……

Fresh Cut:
A grown-in-the-ground tree not only has roots but is deeply rooted in ancient Christmas tradition. If your family takes the time each year to find their own fresh fir, that probably means that you have tremendous personality tied to old-fashioned traditions as well. Often, people with real trees like to go ‘by the book’ and are authentic. It also suggests that you are a diligent and reliable individual and you find joy in the simple things in life.

A faux tree is frequently favored by the frugal, because after a year or two of use- the artificial tree would have paid for itself. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who decorate fake branches year after year, you might be someone who values convenience too– once an artificial tree is completely set up there’s no extra maintenance required to keep it pretty.

Even more frugal & efficient than an artificial tree is one covered with permanently placed lights. If you have a pre-lit tree then you probably are a perfectionist and know how to prioritize well, valuing your time & knowing when to cut corners in order to enjoy yourself and the holidays as much as possible; inarguably the worst task when it comes to tree trimming has to be hanging the lights, and eliminating this chore is sure to make spirits bright!

Tschotschke Christmas Tree:
Sentimental people love to cover their tree with all kinds of ornaments and goodies, with every glance comes a new ornament discovery and often unexpectant insight into the family life. If your tree is covered in trinkets and tschotschkes, you are probably an open individual who is comfortable with expressing and sharing yourself. Chances are your considered child-like and playful when it comes to Christmas.

The ‘not’ Christmas Tree:
If you choose to display a decorated palm tree or topiary instead of the traditionally triangular Christmas tree, you’re certain to be the jovial, humorous type who is perhaps a bit impish and prone to practical jokes. Because you know that everyone who visits will have comments (both critical and complimentary) you might be attention oriented year-round as well.

Upside Down:
You’re always full of surprises and your unexpected ways often lend to mixed messages being sent out about your personality. Chances are you’re actually pretty traditional at heart but you love turning the expectations of others onto their heads (no pun intended). You might be the gluttonous sort- many families choose upside down trees because they can fit more presents underneath.

Half Christmas Tree:
You are determined to make your childhood Christmas memories come to life again, whether you actually have the space to do so or not. You are a creative problem-solver and also someone who satisfies their desires no matter what, your main tools being thoughtfulness and elbow grease. You are probably the innovative type if you’re seeking out a half tree, as many families aren’t even aware of this type of tree.

Snow Covered:
Idealist love snow-covered Christmas trees because they are artificial representations of a traditionally ideal “White Christmas”. Imaginative types enjoy this type of tree as well because although the blanket of plastic white flakes would never be mistaken for real snow, it allows one to stare and dream of the delightful real thing.

Uniquely Colored Christmas tree:
Artists and the creative types just love to express themselves, especially with color and the unexpected twists in ordinary things. What better way to make a huge statement than with an off-color Christmas tree? Other people that take pleasure in an unusually hued holiday tree include those visual perfectionists that are extremely obsessed with keeping their home color scheme unmarred, even if it’s just for the holiday season.

Table Top Christmas Tree:
Just because your main tree is a table-top tree doesn’t mean your Christmas spirit is in miniature too. You may be taxed for space, but some table-top types might just feel less is more and may be most interested in the emotional joy of the season without having much of a need for a prominent physical representation.

While the later options are a bit more exotic, it is interesting to think how your holiday décor says a lot about your spirit both in and out of season.  So what’s your take? Do you believe that a Christmas tree really can give you signs of who the owner truly is???? Based on mine I’m frugal (cheap) and only care about convenience (lazy). While I don’t care too much for the description, I can admit that those two items aren’t far from the truth during the holiday season! Ha ha

If you really want to get a good laugh, check out some of the photos from this article “What Your Christmas Tree Says About You“, I particularly like the ‘uniquely colored Christmas tree’ option! Happy Holidays!


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