Pre-lit Christmas tree – half a strand lights is fully burned out?

Bought a pre-lit tree about 3 years ago. Not because of the lights, I never had a problem stringing lights on a tree, it was 75% off and a nice looking tree so we got it.

Setting it up today, and found that the middle section has half a strand of lights burned out. What I find odd is, it’s they are all burned out in a row, not randomly like any normal set of lights.

· Checked about 15 non working bulbs, in an area of the tree that is working, they are definitely burned out.
· Tried putting a good bulb in the burned out area, and it won’t light at all.
· I can plug another set of lights into the same strand that’s not lighting up, and they light fine so it is getting power.

I have never seen a set of lights burn out in sections like that before. Is this common with pre-lit trees?

I see that the strands are just put on with green zip ties, so I’m guessing the easiest thing to do will be to take the whole strand out and replace it with a new one. Just bugs me that half the strand is still working…

Best reply by Sherry:

The same thing just happened to our family and we just replaced the fuses also and only half of the strand works and the lights are all connected to the tree so it would not be easy to replace. Does anyone have any ideas or answers quickly. My kids are waiting to sleep under the tree tonight.

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Pre-lit Christmas tree – half a strand lights is fully burned out?

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